Oil & Gas

IFB meets the specific logistics requirements of the oil & gas industry, ensuring smooth cross-border transport even for hazardous materials.

Extensive Transportation Options to Asia

IFB can handle procurement, intermediate storage, goods handling, and even the distribution of your finished products. We coordinate the shipments from various suppliers or countries and organise the onward transport to recipients all over the world.

Project Transport

We support break-bulk and heavy-lift cargo and the transport of hazardous materials.

Cross-Trade Shipments

When the sender, shipping location, and receiving destination are in different countries, taxation and handling present further challenges. IFB can take care of everything for you, ensuring no time gets lost in transport.


If you are reselling goods and need the documents and labels removed before onward transportation, IFB can neutralise goods according to your specification and clear all paperwork before they are sent to the final recipient.

The IFB Advantage

Experienced Specialists

Our staff has the experience and expertise to cover oil and gas-related shipments, from transport to storage and distribution.

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Case Studies

  • Travelling the Ocean in Style

    A dangerous goods inspection, the unscheduled rebooking by the carrier and the unforeseen delay of the ship delay the delivery of hotel cosmetics for the maiden voyage of a cruise ship.

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Working with IFB was rewarding in terms of efficiency, professionalism, effectiveness, and not least cost management. It is about the balance between on time delivery vs. a well-structured logistics solution and the execution.


We have grown and partnered with IFB for over 30 years, and have always been able to rely on them in challenging times. This has created a strong foundation of trust and established processes.


We have been engaged with IFB since 2019. They have been dedicated to assist us with the best solutions according to our project timeline and transparent in pricing.

Saint Laurent

IFB has been our company’s primary logistics partner for at least a decade. Their freight forwarding services have remained reliable, efficient and cost-effective. We have found them to work with integrity and transparency, always putting the customer first and upholding the industry’s best practices.

Ruho Corporation

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