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Get your goods from the factory to the point of sale with bespoke services that range from quality control to pick & pack.

Get to Market Faster

Speed is everything in this dynamic industry, forcing you to adjust your offering to ever-changing trends and product innovations. When you need a fast and flexible supply chain, look no further than IFB for service that extends from the production right to your customers.

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Our Expertise

Global Supply Chain Management

IFB can handle procurement, intermediate storage, goods handling, and even the distribution of your finished products. We coordinate the shipments from various suppliers or countries and organise the onward transport to recipients all over the world.

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Distribution Logistics

We make products available quickly due to our flexible and well-organised warehouse set-up. It allows us to minimise both the effort and the cost of storage and transport. IFB even supports sending goods directly to your customer.

Warehousing & Value-Added Services

We offer garment transport in classic flat-packed cartons but also on hangers for more advanced fashion transport. At the destination, we can perform services ranging from quality control to labelling, re-labelling, or even ironing. Our services can be combined to save the time it takes to get your goods into customers’ hands.

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Case Studies

  • Luxury Store Openings in Asia and Australia

    Close coordination, fast response times and a high degree of flexibility are characteristic of the nearly 20 store openings that IFB Malaysia has managed for a major customer in the luxury segment.

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  • Achieving A Clear View

    Customised service, transparent communication and group cohesion make this cross-trade to the USA a unique project.

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  • Travelling the Ocean in Style

    A dangerous goods inspection, the unscheduled rebooking by the carrier and the unforeseen delay of the ship delay the delivery of hotel cosmetics for the maiden voyage of a cruise ship.

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We have grown and partnered with IFB for over 30 years, and have always been able to rely on them in challenging times. This has created a strong foundation of trust and established processes.


Working with IFB was rewarding in terms of efficiency, professionalism, effectiveness, and not least cost management. It is about the balance between on time delivery vs. a well-structured logistics solution and the execution.


IFB and the team is a reliable logistics partner that is very supportive to Kerry’s logistical constraints. IFB also shows loyalty to Kerry, as well as coordinating well in our shipment arrangements and finding solutions to problems.


IFB has been our company’s primary logistics partner for at least a decade. Their freight forwarding services have remained reliable, efficient and cost-effective. We have found them to work with integrity and transparency, always putting the customer first and upholding the industry’s best practices.

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