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We offer various digital tools to provide you with more visibility, such as tracking, sailing schedules, shipment overview, online quotations, and bookings.

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Optimise Your Supply Chain

Digital tools are essential for efficient work, good communication, and your ability to plan and react when unforeseen events happen in the physical supply chain. On our IFB customer portal we provide you with the latest status of your shipments and allow you to easily access the shipment information you need, when you need it.

End-to-End Tracking

When you have placed your order, you’re able to follow the key milestones of your shipment via our Customer Portal, making it easier than ever to plan your supply chains.

Sailing Schedules

To better plan for future transport needs, we provide a quick and easy overview of various sailing schedules via our customer portal. You can simply search for your desired route, and you get an overview of potential options.

Shipment Overview & Online Booking

Find your current or past shipments on our customer portal. This saves you waiting times or the search through your email archive. You can also place bookings online to save even more time.

Instant Online Quotes

Save time by retrieving quotes directly from our customer portal. You can compare multiple routing and equipment options to see what works best for your needs.


Access and create your own overview, or tab into statistics and supplemental information about your shipments from our customer portal. Filtering options allow you to find exactly the information you need.

System Integration

Real-time information sharing is crucial for logistics matters, which is why we offer direct system integration for key data, such as shipment details, tracking information etc.

Get the Most of Your Supply Chain

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