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Protect yourself from loading incidents, extreme weather, or traffic accidents. We offer tailor-made insurance solutions for many types of cargo and transport modes.

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Cover for You and Your Goods

You can cover almost any kind of freight against accidents, improper handling, or other hazards that could result in damage or loss of cargo. IFB works directly with leading insurers to guarantee you receive the coverage most appropriate to your goods and risk factors.

Your Options

Tailor-Made Risk Management

Each insurance policy is created depending on the specific value of your shipment, its destination, and your chosen method of transport.

Limit Financial Exposure

The right insurance can cover any kind of risk. We help you find it—and protect your supply chain in case of the most unforeseen circumstances.

One-Stop Shop

IFB becomes your contact for reporting any incidents. We’re on your side throughout the claims process, helping you receive all the damage payments you’re due.

Be on the Safe Side

Get in touch with one of our agents to learn all about our insurance services.

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