How to Calculate Your Air Freight

Simply take the dimensions and weight of your goods to be shipped and calculate your air freight rate in 3 easy steps.

When calculating the chargeable weight in air freight, the volume/weight ratio (w/m - tonne to cubic metre) is always taken as the basis, taking into account a specified divisor, and the higher factor is used in each case. This divisor is usually given as 6000. The air freight rate is always given as a price per kg.

The costs per shipment are calculated on the basis of the shipment details of the goods ready for shipment as stated by the consignor. For the example calculation we use the following key data:

Length: 250 cm, Width: 75 cm, Height: 100 cm
Number of packages: 1
Individual weight: 200 kg (gross weight)

Calculation of the Chargeable Weight:

Volume of shipment

Length x Width x Height
250 x 75 x 100 = 1,875,000 m³

Chargeabe weight

Volume / Divisor
1,875,000 / 6000 = 312.5 kg

Calculation of Freight:

Air freight as per offer = 3.50 USD kg (chargeable weight)

312.5 kg > 200 kg
As the chargeable weight is higher than the gross weight, this number is used for calculation.

Calculation of the air freight rate

3.50 USD x 312.5 kg = 1,093.75 USD

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